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El mensajero (Joseph Losey, 1971) DVDRip VOSE + AE

Publicado: Sab 27 May, 2006 23:42
por Jma32
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Directed by Joseph Losey
Written by Harold Pinter, from the novel by L.P. Hartley

Julie Christie .... Marian
Alan Bates .... Ted Burgess
Margaret Leighton .... Mrs. Maudsley
Dominic Guard .... Young Leo
Michael Gough .... Mr. Maudsley
Edward Fox .... Hugh Trimingham
Michael Redgrave .... Old Leo

Edwardian rural Norfolk. The wheat fields glisten in the sunshine when scholarship-boy Leo is invited by a wealthy classmate, Marcus, to spend part of the summer at Brandham Hall. There, among the aristocracy, he is put at his ease by his friend's older sister, Marian, with whom he quietly falls in love. As the days go by, Leo feels stifled by the mannered, polite indolence of his hosts and comes to admire Ted Burgess, a virile, athletic tenant-farmer of the estate.
When Ted asks Leo to take a secret letter to Marian, the naïve boy is thrilled by this invitation to join the strange, exciting world of adult love...

The Go-Between mirrors several of the themes of Losey and Pinter's previous projects, The Servant (1963) and Accident (1967). The classic novel by L.P. Hartley is well suited to Losey's cold, detached style and Pinter's subtle, allusive language.
Told from Leo's point of view, the film takes us on a journey through his loss of childhood innocence and his harsh initiation into the compromises and hypocrisies of adulthood. It's key theme - how the past shapes the present and yet constantly eludes us - is reflected in the oft-quoted line which opens both novel and film, "The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there."

Winner, Palme d'Or, Cannes Film Festival, 1971.
Nominated for 12 BAFTA awards in 1972.
Lost out to Sunday Bloody Sunday in the main categories, but won Best Newcomer (Dominic Guard), Best Screenplay (Harold Pinter), Best Supporting Actor (Edward Fox), Best Supporting Actress (Margaret Leighton).

Duration : 1:51:16
Video : 1680 Kbps, 25fps, 688*416 (1.65:1), XVID
Audio : 192 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, AC3
B-VOP : Yes
Qpel : No
GMC : No
Language : English
Subtitles : None on dvd
Note that imdb has the copyright date of this film wrong.


Audio español sincronizado, procedente de una cinta VHS y proporcionado por thelion.


Hay un par de frases que faltan en el audio español entre 1H 26MIN y 1H 26MIN 20 SEG y lo he sustituido por el inglés.

Subtítulos en español, traducción de Cuba.
El mensajero.Losey.subs.esp.acabado..rar

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Enormes trabajos jm, bajando :plas: :plas:

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por zeppogrouxo
Otro que baja, asias JMa.

Publicado: Dom 28 May, 2006 01:29
por ted_hunter
Grant McLennan, de Go-Betweens, falleció el pasado 6 de mayo mientras dormía en su domicilio de Brisbane a la edad de 48 años, el nombre de la banda procede de esta peli, que acabé de bajar la semana pasada y me iba a ver ésta en su honor, bueno, y porque losey+pinter es impepinable. gracias por el audio

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por francomapa
Pinchado lote completo.
Gracias y saludos.

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Todo pinchado y sin pausa. Saludos y gracias.

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Tiene buena pinta. Pincho, gracias.

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Perdidísima en la memoria, es una muy grata sorpresa encontrar aquí tu ofrecimiento de esta película.

Ni que decir tiene que ya está pinchada.

Muchas gracias, Jma32.

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Todo pinchado.

Muchas gracias, Jma, y saludos. :wink:

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Pinchado todo, gracias. :wink:

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El audio Spanish C&C, el video tardara algo mas, gracias francomap@ y jma32... :wink:

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Ohhh!!! Muchas gracias!!

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Gracias amigos!!!

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por masterchipo
¿habrá subtítulos o tendré que pedirlo por otra parte?

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pincho, pero me apunto a lo de masterchipo, unos subs no vendrian mal.

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Magnífico. Pinchados audio y video.
Muchísimas gracias.

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por bonneville
no hay posibilidad de srt?

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bonneville escribió:no hay posibilidad de srt?

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Ya están esos subs en castellano:

El mensajero.Losey.subs.esp.acabado..rar