The Chechahcos (Lewis H. Moomaw, 1924) DVDRip VO

La edad de la Pantalla de Plata. Publica y encuentra enlaces p2p de filmes silentes (desde los albores del Cine hasta los años 30) en esta sección.
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The Chechahcos (Lewis H. Moomaw, 1924) DVDRip VO

Mensaje por spione » Lun 15 Oct, 2007 22:27

It was a whisper that echoed
"'round the world" and
started an epochal stampede.
Fired with the faith of fools,
thousands poured madly
into the treasure trail.

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Lewis H. Moomaw

Lewis H. Moomaw
Harvey Gates

William Dills ... 'Horseshoe' Riley
Albert Van Antwerp ... Engineer Bob Dexter
Eva Gordon ... Mrs. Margaret Stanlaw (as Miss Eva Gordon)
Baby Margie ... Baby Ruth Stanlaw
Alexis B. Luce ... Gambler Richard Steele
Gladys Johnston ... Ruth Stanlaw
Guerney Hays ... Pierre, Steele's Henchman (uncredited)
H. Mills ... Engineer (uncredited)
Howard Webster ... Professor Stanlaw (uncredited)

George Edward Lewis

Herbert H. Brownell
Raymond Johnson

The Chechahcos (pronounced chee-chaw-koz), an Inuit word for "tenderfoot" or "newcomer", tells its story amidst the bustle of the Alaskan Gold Rush..with the backdrop of the extraordinary Alaskan landscape in dogsled chases, hazardous whitewater crossings, and glacier rescues. The sequence which recreates the crossing of the Chilkoot Pass influenced both Charlie Chaplin's "The Gold Rush" and "The Trail of '98" by MGM which came out a couple of years after "The Chechahcos."

Archivists restored the film in 2000 with a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation. The original music for the film was not located during preservation and a new score has been written and performed in the restored version.

The Chechahcos, the first feature filmed entirely in Alaska, is a true independent film. Financed by the Alaska Moving Picture Company, The Chechahcos boasted spectacular location shooting that vied with the best Hollywood productions. The art titles were crafted by Alaskan artist Sydney Laurence (1865-1940).



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Mensaje por batallans » Lun 15 Oct, 2007 22:34

Muchas gracias
A esta si que me apunto.

No estaría mal un hilo de cine silente para separar el grano de la paja.

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Mensaje por Pasanen » Mar 16 Oct, 2007 00:29

Pinchada. Gracias spione.

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Mensaje por Bela_Karloff » Mar 16 Oct, 2007 18:57

¡Qué buena pinta!


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Mensaje por Coursodon » Mar 16 Oct, 2007 19:31

Gracias Spione. Pincho-pauso hasta descargar.
It makes no difference what men think about war, said the Judge. War endures... War was always here. Before man was, War waited...
Blood Meridian - Cormac McCarthy.

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Re: The Chechahcos (Lewis H. Moomaw, 1924) DVDRip Inter-inglés

Mensaje por pochutla » Jue 26 Mar, 2009 11:26

Muchas gracias spione. Encontré este hilo por casualidad. Hace años que quería ver la famosa escena del Chilkoot Pass. Espero no llegar demasiado tarde. Tambien informo que he encontrado un bueno SatRip TCM de Trail of '98 de Clarence Brown en la mula :)

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Re: The Chechahcos (Lewis H. Moomaw, 1924) DVDRip Inter-inglés

Mensaje por condeorlok » Jue 26 Mar, 2009 13:17

Yo tampoco la encontraba


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Re: The Chechahcos (Lewis H. Moomaw, 1924) DVDRip Inter-inglés

Mensaje por kabuki » Dom 03 May, 2009 09:11

La bajo.
Muchas gracias,Spione.

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Re: The Chechahcos (Lewis H. Moomaw, 1924) DVDRip Inter-inglés

Mensaje por preacher » Dom 02 Dic, 2018 10:26

En Forajidos de Leyenda puede encontrarse un mkv con SE en el contenedor cortesía de Coloratvm. :wink: