A bientôt, j'espère (Chris Marker & Mario Marret, 1968) ALGORip VO

Sección dedicada al cine experimental. Largometrajes, cortos, series y material raro, prácticamente desconocido o de interés muy minoritario.
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A bientôt, j'espère (Chris Marker & Mario Marret, 1968) ALGORip VO

Mensaje por el_saturn » Vie 14 Abr, 2006 12:47

From 1967 to 1976 Chris Marker was a member of SLON (the "Company for the Launching of New Works"). One of several groups that emerged in those years in which filmmakers, militants, and others came together on a cooperative, parallel basis, SLON was based on the idea that cinema should not be thought of solely in terms of commerce.

1967 was also the year an important strike broke out at Rhodiaceta, a textile plant owned by the Rhone-Poulenc trust in the city of Besançon, France. The strike was unusual in character because the workers refused to disassociate the industrial conflict from a social and cultural agenda. The workers' demands concerned not only salary and job security, but also the very lifestyle imposed on them by society.

So it was only natural that Chris Marker, along with other technicians and members of SLON, would visit Besançon to document the strike, and the lives and attitudes of the workers.

The film's most important moments are composed of conversations with workers and their wives. They believe the working class is increasingly at the mercy of a system that gives them no power, a system that would like them to remain powerless. And so it was that their local demands grew into questions about the larger political system.

The strikers eventually returned to work with few gains, but had developed a sense of their power, which helped lay the groundwork for May '68, when France was rocked by revolutionary protests.

Completed and first shown that year, À BIENTÔT, J'ESPÈRE (BE SEEING YOU), is a document of the year, of a moment really, when everything was called into question.

Lo he encontrado en emule. La calidad es floja y tiene bastantes fuentes
[ed2k=ed2k://|file|A%20bientot,%20j'espere%20(Chris%20Marker%20et%20Mario%20Marret,%201967-68).avi|378129650|A077E6C6207D1B052F11F6FD3E3580CA|/]A bientot, j'espere (Chris Marker et Mario Marret, 1967-68).avi[/ed2k]

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Mensaje por auess » Vie 14 Abr, 2006 16:23

GREAT!!! Another new marker film!!! :D:D:D
THANKS, dear saturn. :plas:

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Great post el_saturn!

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great,thanks a lot!

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Re: A Bientot J'Espere (Mario Marret & Chris Marker, 196

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Thanks! :plas: