Help downloading DivX Clásico title

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Help downloading DivX Clásico title

Mensajepor santiago31 » Mié 28 Oct, 2015 00:33

I am trying to download the film "-30-," directed by Jack Webb. But when I click on the link for the film (from the page at the URL below) on DivX Clásico, I receive an error message.

I also tried to download by the "Save Target as" method, also with no success.

I read one is supposed to install using a program called eMule, but is it also possible to download with a general torrent client such as µTorrent or to obtain a direct download link? If not possible, where do I go to install eMule?

And is it also possible the link for the film I wish to download is no longer valid? Can someone verify the validity of the link for me?

Please help, and in English if possible. :D

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Re: Help downloading DivX Clásico title

Mensajepor Cirlot » Mié 28 Oct, 2015 01:26

Hello, Santi. Please, don't use large size letters. It's a bit painful to read.

Now, you do need to install eMule indeed if you want to download the film from here. You can download the app from here: ... m=download and then proceed to install it in your computer. Once it is properly installed, just click on the ed2k link for the film that was posted in the thread you just posted, and the download will start, provided there are still full sources for the file.

That said, the thing is that the DVDRip posted in said thread was actually shared through eMule after having been downloaded via Torrent from a private tracker called Karagarga. If you have a user account there, or you know someone who does, maybe that would be an easier way for you to get the film.
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Re: Help downloading DivX Clásico title

Mensajepor santiago31 » Vie 06 Nov, 2015 08:04

Thank you, "Cirlot," for your help with this matter. I didn't realize I had used "large-size letters." But if I did, it was only because many people with vision issues (including myself) also find the smaller font sizes (set by default on many websites) more difficult to see.

In fact, to compose this reply to you, I had to increase the view size of my browser to 125%.

Vision issues are rather commonplace, and occur in persons of all ages for a variety of reasons--age-related macular degeneration, astigmatism, cataracts, congenital farsightedness/nearsightedness (myopia), glaucoma, etc.

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