Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (Crane Wilbur, 1951) DVDRip VOSE

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Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (Crane Wilbur, 1951) DVDRip VOSE

Mensaje por roisiano » Vie 07 Ene, 2011 13:34

Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (Crane Wilbur, 1951)


Crime | Drama

Writer: Crane Wilbur (original screenplay)


Steve Cochran ... Chuck Daniels
David Brian ... Mark Benson
Philip Carey ... Red Pardue
Ted de Corsia ... Warden Ben Rickey (as Ted De Corsia)
Scott Forbes ... Jim Frazier
Michael Tolan ... Leo Daly (as Lawrence Tolan)
Dick Wesson ... Tinker
Paul Picerni ... Jeff Riordan
William Campbell ... Nick Ferretti
Edward Norris ... Sgt. Cliff Hart (as Eddie Norris)

Produced by: Bryan Foy

Original Music by: William Lava

Cinematography by: Edwin B. DuPar

Film Editing by: Owen Marks

[quote]Here is a case where a cast of solid and interesting actors become the main reason to watch. INSIDE THE WALLS OF FOLSOM PRISON is not in the league of great prison movies like BRUTE FORCE, but it has some singular qualities that will make fans of the prison movie genre want to seek it out. The film opens with the prison speaking--yes, a familiar-voiced narrator speaking as Folsom itself. The intention of the film is a lesson in prison reform. But we are spared any dryly didactic speech-making.

The opening sequence is full of super-charged action, as several prisoners carry out a plot to assault guards and take over. Their initial attempt fails, leaving the ringleaders at the mercy of con-hater warden Rickey (a nicely corrosive Ted De Corsia). Rickey is not just intolerant of any resistance from prisoners, he's sadistic and cruel. In a scene reminiscent of BRUTE FORCE, Rickey beats a prisoner (Paul Picerni) to unconsciousness behind the closed door of his office. But there is no Wagner playing loudly on a phonograph to cover the violent sound. Even his own guards are disgusted by Rickey's brutality. Later, we are treated to scenes of stool-pigeons and the revenge exacted on them by fellow prisoners. Things start getting more out of hand as a new, well-meaning head guard (David Brian of THE DAMNED DON'T CRY) tries to introduce a more tolerant approach. Steve Cochran is billed as the film's star, but his character, Chuck Daniels, does not come into his own until well past the mid-point. Daniels is a prisoner famed for several previous escapes. And in Folsom he does not disappoint. It's great fun watching Daniels lead a daring escape attempt. And the film has a satisfying final payoff. Cochran, De Corsia, Brian, Picerni are terrific, at the top of their acting game. Also great in the cast: Philip Carey and Edward Norris as nasty Sgt. Hart. James Griffith (the 'Zachary Scott of the Bs') makes a notable stool-pigeon. William Lava's score is attractive and rarely intrusive. Watch this one for the great cast.

Another in a unrelated series of Warner's penitentiary tours in three different decades. This one is California's notorious Folsom Prison prior to its 1944 reformation make-over. Ben Rickey, the prison's sadistic old-school warden who believes that the prison system if for punishment rather than reformation, rules Folsom with an iron-hand. He highly resents his university-trained assistant, Mark Benson, who does not share Rickey's beliefs. Rickey, hoping the results will be disastrous, gives Benson permission to try his modern method. He tolerates Benson's innovations until convict "Red" Pardue is killed by another prisoner. Benson blames Rickey, who had refused Pardue protection after he had reported an escape attempt. Benson resigns and Rickey brings back his concentration-camp program. Chuck Daniels, a hardened convict, then stage his long-planned prison break. A bloody riot ensues in...
Written by Les Adams <>[/quote]

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Duration : 1h 26mn 
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Height : 476 pixels 
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Language : English 

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Format version : Version 1 
Format profile : Layer 3 
Codec ID : A_MPEG/L3 
Codec ID/Hint : MP3 
Duration : 1h 26mn 
Bit rate mode : Constant 
Bit rate : 128 Kbps 
Channel(s) : 2 channels 
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz 
Stream size : 79.5 MiB (5%) 

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:arrow: Subtítulos en castellano descarga directa

[quote="hammett"]Añadidos los subtítulos en castellano. Gracias especialmente a Corvusalbus que me creo los tiempos y me hizo la transcripción. Yo sólo los he traducido.[/quote]

Inside the walls of Folsom prison(C. Wilbur, 1951)VHSRip? VO
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Re: Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (Crane Wilbur, 1951) DVDRip VOSE

Mensaje por maimes » Vie 10 Jul, 2015 10:40

Muchas gracias. Totalmente desconocida, incluso del director, no tenía referencias. Con Ted de Corsia y Steve Cochran si me identifico más. A descubrirla. La subo. Gracias y saludos.

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Re: Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (Crane Wilbur, 1951) DVDRip VOSE

Mensaje por victor1949 » Vie 10 Jul, 2015 11:01

Muchísimas grácias, roisiano.